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2013 Reunion

The Class of '53 celebrated their 60th reunion on Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8, 2013. Here's the invitation that went out.

Some statistics from our 60th reunion: Depending on when you count, we had about 116 members in the class of ’53.

For this reunion, we had 25 signed up to attend: Maryanne Addeo, Art Aronson, Peggy Bryans, Dodie Christensen, Ed and Gail Pfitz Connally, Norma Doin, Warren Fane, Don Fanning, Jim Flynn, Ross Hansen, Dick Horton, Barbara Keary, Jimmy Krege, Chris Lambertson, Jerry Lovely, Joe Marchese, Mary Neal, Virginia Smith, Carol Soltys, Carol Stinson, Sandy Tyrell, Don and Barbara Wagner Woodworth, and Judy Wheeler.

Unfortunately, Art, Judy and Chris had to cancel.

We had emails from 12 others: George and Dorine Preston Beyer, Phil Bump, Bob Davis, Beverly Devlin, Dick Hall, Joan Laws, Colin Nadeau, Bob Parker, Chuck Remington, Fran Sherman, and  Jerry Smith.

The committee had conversations with 16 others who were unable to make it for various reasons: Mary Arzoumanian, Carolyn Betke, Bob Bishop, June Butler, Peggy Button, Elinor Cone, Eileen Davin, Dick Duncan, Barbara Falion, Helen Gildea, Bob Hyde, Ed Ketterson, Janice Larkin, Jerry O’Melia, Mary Ryan, and Joan VanDeursen,

There are 6 members we have never been able to find and 37 are deceased.  They are all listed on our website and were fondly remembered at the reunion.

That brings the total to 96 accounted for and only 20 that we haven’t heard from in awhile. If you happen to be one of those, we’d love to hear how you’re doing.

Those attending the weekend festivities seemed to really enjoy being together. Here are links to most of the pictures taken at the cocktail party on Saturday night (including some down in the Recovery Room afterwards), the Sunday cruise on the Hudson and our final stop to enjoy some frozen yogurt before saying goodbye ‘til the next time. There's also an album of Jack Byrne's photography, taken with a brand new product called film.

We hope you like the pictures. Good luck recognizing everyone.

About the pictures: Albums will open in a new window. You can double-click on any picture to see an enlarged version, or you can click on "slideshow" to go through them automatically. Photo credits: Jerry Gordon, Cathy Lovely












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