Classes of 1952 and 1953

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Where are they??

We've lost touch with these classmates. If you have any idea where they may be, please let us know. Even if you don't have a full address, just knowing what city they're in can help us track them down.

Class of '52
Barbara Bacon Snodie
Anne Connor Passignano
Sandra deForest Marony
Phyllis Dudgeon
Patricia Fowler
Sherry Hamilton
Alma Hornberg
Don Jensen
Bob King
Pat Lawton Tate
Jean Lindley Gravelle
Hope Millington Boswell
Richard Moore
Henry Murray
Carol Saddier Smith
Class of '53
Richard Archambault
Barbara Bristol Cooke
Charles Hill
Joan Owens Schultz
Patricia Patrick Weber
Barbara Wallace Mikkelsen

Send any information you have to Maryanne Addeo Gordon, 15 Hyland Circle, Troy, NY 12182-1690. You can e-mail her at or call her at 518-235-8232. Thanks for your help.

Rev. Date: June23, 2014

Classmates without e-mail addresses

We have mailing addresses for these folks, but it would be better if we had e-mail addresses. We know that many of those listed do not have e-mail, but for the others, we just don't know what their e-mail address is. If you do know, please send it to

Class of '52 Class of '53
Barbara Bacon Snodie
Dr. Valentine  Belfiglio
Janice Bornt Langdon
Tom  Boswell
James  Boyd
Ed & Marilyn Willi Carmody
Nick  Champitto
Peter  Connor
Mary Davin Van Wie
Frances DeLuca Martin
Don  Dessingue
John  Finch
Robert  Galbraith
Joseph  Gallo
Sibyl Goerold Ross
John  Graham
Ann Gritmon Conoes
Dr. Sherry  Hamilton
Carol Hanley Belemjian
Robert  Hickey
Jeanne Kewley Pulensky
Bob King
Patricia Kinne Schott
Pat Langan Butler
Beverly Lattimore Jansen
William  LaViolette
Jean Lindley Gravelle
Peggy Marquis Morrell
Hope Millington Boswell
Shirley Murphy O'Donnell
Carol Mussey Taylor
Ed  Nicholas
Margaret Pollay Little
Pat Quigley Righter
Sandy Sanford Frederick
Elizabeth Sargent Castle
Pat Sheer Flowers
Barbara Smith Kendall
Dorothy Sofranko Messick
Thomas  Sweeney
Louise Temple Rist
Robert Testa
Marilyn Theroux Jeavons
Richard  VanBuren
Richard  Wagner
Patricia Warren Davies
Mary Watson Brenenstuhl
Carol (Pat) Wheeler Demelia
Gerald  Wilson
Ruth Wiltsie Twiddle
Mary  Arzoumanian
Diane Bailey Ellett

Carolyn Betke Rouse

Dick  Brenestuhl
Janice Brown Barber
Margaret Bryans Dolan
June Butler Gillie
Margaret Button Cushman
William  Canavally
William  Carroll
Phyllis Curran Edwards
Eileen Davin Mayer
Beverly Devlin eates
Warren  Fane
Joan Furdyna Archer
Betty Gowie Keenan
Dale Gritt LaBounty
Doris Hand Sargood
Ross  Hansen
Margaret Hickey Zotto
Dorothy Higgins Feldman
Robert  Hyde
Joseph  Iacocca
Ruth Kane Edwards
Edwin  Ketterson
Nancy Kitley Wisbauer
James  Krege
Chris Lambertsen
Gertrude Maloney Wella
Jim  McClure
David  Miter
Mary Neal Damiano
Grace Norton Bartlett
Dawn O'Connell
Patricia O'Donnell Stone
Gerald  O'Melia
Joan Owens Schultz
Elinor Race Addeo
Alice Rediak Hemming
Charles  Remington
Mary Ryan Lance
Russell  Schott
Jessie Shefer Beaudoin
Francis Sherman
Virginia Smith Matala
Rose  Temple
Sandra Tyrell Bucciero
James  Warnock
Doris Wheeler
Benjamin  Zlotnick
Rev. Date: August 18, 2016